(The 1st Maintenance & Resilience TOKYO (Maintenance Techno Show) held in 1960)

"Maintenance & Resilience Asia" is the sister event of Maintenance & Resilience Tokyo which is a long-time running trade show that takes place in Tokyo in every year since 1960 and known as the first trade show in Japan organized by Japan Management Association (JMA), an association founded by Japan Ministry of Economics, Trade & Industry (METI) in 1942.

Maintenance & Resilience Tokyo has been introducing to Japanese industries advanced technology, innovation, equipment and solution for maximizing the productivity and efficiency through the maintenance and development of manufacturers, processing industries and infrastructure in Japan for so many years. "Maintenance" means NOT just repairing machine for Japanese industries, but maximizing productivity and efficiency. Now, maintenance activities utilizing IoT, Big Data and AI is considered as the basis of Industry 4.0.

About MRA2021

MRA 2019 or Maintenance & Resilience Asia 2019 is the first exhibition in Thailand that focused on advanced maintenance technologies and solutions for maximizing the productivity and efficiency for the development of smart manufacturing and smart infrastructure in Thailand and ASEAN.

MRA2021 exhibition and conference held on 22-24 September 2021 showcased technology, innovation, equipment, product, solution and service relating to :